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turismoTurismo Rural Comarcas de Interior
It aims to foment the tourist activity like a diversification element or complementariness of the rural economies. The interchange of experiences and knowledge has served to present the keys in the development as the rural tourism in the zone the west Salamanca

The initiatives of Rural Tourism to accede to potential markets that of individual way would be unattainable, have brought consequently the joint product image as much in the Project of interterritorial Cooperation, in that groups of Castile and Leon, Castilla-La Mancha and Valencian Community take part, the application of a sensible, mantained ando f quality Development Touristic Model, maintained its aimed, allowing initiatives of Rural Tourism to accede to potential markets that of individual way would be unattainable attending the Fair of Fitur Tourism in Madrid like in the Fair of Tourism of Interior Intur in Valladolid from year 2005, accomplishment of tourism meetings of quality and audit to establishments to foment its supply of quality and to help them in its improvements.

TurismoThe Tormes
In this project of Interterritorial Cooperation participates three of the Local Action Groups of Salamanca and one of Avila. It has been developed the drop-down map on the Tormes River that will appear in the next fair of FITUR 08 in Madrid.

In the drop-down one, on one hand appears a map of the route from this river to its passage by the four territories of LAG, with indications of everything what you can find in them: patrimony, culture, CTR, restaurants, etc.
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Mujer Rural Empleo y Nuevas Tecnologías
Ornitología y Desarrollo Sostenible
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Rural Aqua
Marca de Calidad Territorial - Calidad Rural
Proyecto Trino

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Boletin informativo


Boletin informativo.

Fund. Villalar Award

Premio fundación Villalar
Premio de La Fundación Villalar de las Cortes de Castilla para  ADEZOS.

Eco Rutas Fluviales

eco rutas fluviales
Se han diseñado dos ecor-rutas fluviales dentro del proyecto rural aqua.

Ornithological tourism

turismo ornitológico
Adezos pone en valor el turismo ornitológico mediante el proyecto TRINO".